Organic Reference

Our Products

Biesecker Body Care has been certified by the Washington Department of Agriculture, a division of the USDA. Many of our products display the USDA seal. All our products contain 70% or greater certified organic ingredients. We continue to develop new products that are effective and can display "made with organic ingredients" on the label. When we use the term "Organic" on our products or on our website we mean "Certified Organic" as stated by the USDA.

What is organic?

The term "organic" is often used by manufacturers around the world to imply an all natural, wholesome, good for you product. Many companies have "organic" as part of their brand name even though they contain very few organic ingredients. In the agricultural world the term "organic" acquired a clear definition when government regulatory agencies became involved. In the USA the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) created the National Organic Program (NOP) to set standards for the term "organic" to be used in relation to agriculture and food production. "Organic" is a regulatory term for a product grown without pesticides and handled and processed, preserving its organic integrity. Certified Organic means that the USDA has certified the producer and/or handler of the product.


However, the production of cosmetics requires additional ingredients besides plant extracts to make them effective. These include emulsifying and saponifying agents that allow ingredients to be mixed and to produce lather. The USDA has developed a percentage standard to define the term "organic" for the cosmetic industry. Products made with 95% or more certified organic agricultural content can be marketed on the label as "organic" and may affix the USDA Organic Seal on the outer package. Products made with at least 70% certified organic agricultural content can advertise themselves as "made with organic ingredients" on their labels.

Regulatory and certifying agencies now exits around the world to maintain the integrity of the term "Organic". The USDA work in partnership with these agencies to allow manufactures like Biesecker Body Care to purchase certified organic ingredients with confidence.